IMSSA’s Healthcare Department

Following IMSSA’s vision on social responsibility and creating avenues to serve the nation, the IMSSA”s Healthcare department was formed in the year 2013.
We initially started off by conducting monthly health talks on diseases so as to create awareness among the Indian Muslim Society. This was conducted by registered nurses who were part of our organization.
With the great support from the ladies, we decided to go further and conduct practical lessons on exercises and healthy cooking. This was done so that we would be able to play a part in the prevention of diseases practically.
We have also brought our ladies to SWAMI Nursing Home to encourage volunteerism to the elderly and needy people. This event was well received by the people. We are aiming to conduct more of such events in the future.

Our Vision

  • To create healthcare awareness for the Indian Muslims in Singapore
    Our Mission

  • To encourage personal responsibility within the Indian Muslim community.
  • To create more health awareness in the Indian Muslim community.
  • To encourage the Indian Muslims to be socially responsible
            Our Core Values

  • Health Awareness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Compassion
  • Holistic Care

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